A Decision Away

"There is a race I must run
There are victories to be won
Give me Power every hour to be true"

I've been deep at the valley, and I've been to the mountain top. I have come to know that you will definitely be down in the valley of dry bones. There are times in your christian walk when all progress seems to halt and all you see is hopelessness. There is a time in a man's life when he succombs to temptation. Yeah, there are times in our walk with God where it seems like God has taken the lead. There are sometimes, the song you will hear in your head is Akon's "Lonely" instead of "One Day at a Time". Then, everything around you needs your decision for a change.
Change will eventually happen, but not every change is good. On one faithful morning in January 2018, my mum came to me in my bedroom to speak to me. This is one of the most wonderful days in my life. She said, "Everything happens for a reason, you are here because you decided to sleep which resulted in the devil taking advantage to sow tares." A word dawned on me, "You are a decision away."
This decision is one you must take alone, neither your mum nor your dad can help you with it, not your father in the Lord, IT MUST BE YOU! You must make the decision alone...to be continued